It is based on Spanish design, and added anti-disaster function.

The Most Popular Type of European Tile in Asia.

ESPANICA is based on a Spanish roofing tile and it's improved according to the climate of Asia. It was a construction material indispensable to western-style architecture in Japan. The appearance of roof has a massive feeling.

Improved More from Ordinaly S-Type Tiles.

ESPANICA is 10mm longer than Ordinaly S-Type tiles. Because of this extra length, not only the waterproofing of the roof improved, a peeling prevention function also improved and it prevents holizontal gap of tiles.

Belle Espanica

You don't need to put many different colors together. This is a random color with a beautiful shade. Keep your imagination of the planning phase, you can choose modern or even a classical style according to your taste.

Image-Belle Ivory
Belle Ivory
  Image-Belle Cray
Belle Cray
Image-Belle Red
Belle Red
Image-Belle Brown
Belle Brown
Image-Belle Asuka
Belle Asuka
Image-Belle Green
Belle Green

Basic Espanica

The key color selected carefully has a broad choice of construction design.

Image-Unglazed Pottery
Unglazed Pottery
  Image-Grazed Matte
Grazed Matte
Image-Matte Brown
Matte Brown
Image-Silver Black
Silver Black
Property and Dimensions
Length 320±4.0
Width 310±4.0
Function Length 262
Function Width 260
Property Water
Absorption Rate (%)
8 or lower
Fracture Load (N)
1800 over
Number of Tiles pcs / m2 15
Weight piece (kg) 3.3
m2 (kg) 49
Packing a bundle (pcs) 4
a pallet (pcs) 324

Water Absorption Rate by JIS A 5208 is less than 12%.
Function Length is same as batten cleat on the roof. It is 2~3mm longer than actual Function Length.

Our Works

Belle Cray

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