Products-Proud Plain

Simple and modern, a completely flat roofing tile whose maintenance performance improved.

We pursued simplicity and arrived at this flat design.

This design is preeminent also for affinity with a photovoltaic generation panel. When a photovoltaic generation panel is installed, whichever a case of a separate type and an integral type, the whole roof looks beautiful shapely.

We prepared a popular standard color on a flat roof. Furthermore, the colors with a feeling of a slate material was prepared as brand new lineup.

Standard Colors

These colors are popular colors so that you don't have to care about the type of the residence.

Image-Matte Black
Matte Black
  Image-Matte Brown
Matte Brown
Image-Silver Black
Silver Black

Nordic Colors

It is the new color tone which expresses a Northern European image like a stone-made roof as the natural color unevenness.

Image-Nordic Black
Nordic Black
  Image-Nordic Brown
Nordic Brown
Image-Nordic Gray
Nordic Gray 

Hyper-Z/Wind-resistance, Earthquake-proof and Gap-Prevention

Anti-Disaster Functions for a Safe Life

A tile holds other tile, it gains the Wind-Resistance and an Earthquake-Proof Functions. It protects the roof of a dwelling firmly.

Image-Anti-Disaster Functions

Water prevention function

It equipps the outstanding waterproofness.
Three waterproof structures prevent the leakage of water from the gap between tiles. It has achieved effective results to the very cruel leakage-of-water examination, and it is proved that it has sufficient leakage prevention function.

However, the damage caused by water may occur by various factors, such as dew condensation, besides rain. In order to protect the roof of your house from the damage of water, we recommend enforcing on a roof with sufficient angle.

In enforcing a tile on the roof of a loose angle, please consult with a special construction vendor.

Property and Dimensions
  Proud Plain
Length 350±4.0
Width 345±4.0
Function Length 280
Function Width 306
Property Water
Absorption Rate (%)
8 or lower
Fracture Load (N)
1500 over
Number of Tiles pcs / m2 12
Weight piece (kg) 3.7
m2 (kg) 43
Packing a bundle (pcs) 4
a pallet (pcs) 324

Water Absorption Rate by JIS A 5208 is less than 12%.
Function Length is same as batten cleat on the roof. It is 2~3mm longer than actual Function Length.

Our Works

Nordic Brown

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To improve the performance, our products could be changed without any announce.
Please note that the color of real products could be slightly different to the photograph on this website.