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Wavy formed tile, small amplitude of the wave makes the resident looks unique.

The wave with short length harmonizes with various roofs.

Glaze is covering thinly on the surface of tile, and it makes the attractive colors with a feeling of pottery. The well design of Flat Board Tile which is possible to construct on any kinds of roofing geometry, the lower wave form and the common decolation tiles simplifies the process of construction.

Light Color

We tried to express a bright atmosphere of the Mediterranean. A color tone has intentional color width, and since the patterns of each piece differ, the appearance of roof looks variable.

Image-Light Red
Light Red
  Image-Light Chocolate
Light Chocolate

Standard Color

The roof is chic and calm so that you don't have to care about the type of the residence. There will be a quiet feeling of a life both on Japanese style and Western style residences.

Image-Matte Black
Matte Black
  Image-Silver Black
Silver Black
Image-Matte Green
Matte Green
Property and Dimensions
  Proud BB40 Hyper-X
Length 350±4.0
Width 345±4.0
Function Length 280
Function Width 306
Property Water
Absorption Rate (%)
8 or lower
Fracture Load (N)
1500 over
Number of Tiles pcs / m2 12
Weight piece (kg) 3.7
m2 (kg) 43
Packing a bundle (pcs) 4
a pallet (pcs) 396

Water Absorption Rate by JIS A 5208 is less than 12%.
Function Length is same as batten cleat on the roof. It is 2~3mm longer than actual Function Length.

Our Works

Matte Green

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To improve the performance, our products could be changed without any announce.
Please note that the color of real products could be slightly different to the photograph on this website.